More recently, I find myself frequently taking moments for gratitude. I'm grateful for small lessons, educated and thoughtful conversations, an abundance of adventurous/creative/powerful people in my life, the love I give and receive. I'm grateful for having the things I need when I need them, being able to choose what I spend my time/money/energy on, having freedoms that I know others don't. It's a privilege to be able choose how I explore the world and through what lens. Mine is through that of creation, artistry and expression.

To me, being an artist goes beyond making things with my hands or body. It's about thinking, feeling, reflecting, adapting, engaging, interacting, expressing, problem solving, collaborating, learning. It's about having those conversations, embracing those people, seizing opportunities, enjoying processes, breaking down walls, making ideas a reality. Being an artist is more than an activity, a degree or even a lifestyle. It's who I am to my core.

I've had branding for my WiRealm jewelry business for a while now. This is something I'm very proud of and continue to market and live daily. In the last 2 years, I started installing chalkboard art at coffee shops and restaurants. From there, I was asked to develop logo & branding and collaborative installations for things other than personal use. It is amazing to be able to create things that are seen by so many people while learning new skills and having a flexible schedule. This month I committed to being an artist in a simple way - I now have business cards for me as an artist. This direction is less surreal now.