Who was a rebel growing up? I can remember many occasions where my rebellious spirit has gotten the best of me and even those around me. I don't see this stubbornness (nor many personality traits/habits) to be either good or bad, rather just part of who we are. No matter how large or small, it is an incredible feeling to choose your own discipline rather than follow what someone else tells us to do. The tricky part is to balance and target those energies and intuitions toward a direction that is actually productive.

Folks, welcome to a lovely stage of my journey of adulting! As I've personally been shifting into taking responsibility for my own path and decisions, I have been (and will continue) learning about writing contracts, buying and selling a car, finding an full time job, saving money, growing a successful business (WiRealm), defining success, learning what freelancing means (graphic arts), networking with purpose, and even choosing relationships more carefully. It's easy to be afraid of failure, afraid of success, or just the unknown. It's time to zen out, really focus my energies, and be intentional about the things I do, say, and produce. I don't know what things will look like yet, but I know good things are coming. As I do scary adult things(!), I've spent a lot of time reflecting, writing, doing the things I love, and connecting with my support system. Below are some ideas I've found as themes. Who doesn't like inspirational words?

  • Make a choice. What ever challenge you have in life, know that nothing will improve when you're standing still. Even if you don't know which decision is right or wrong - MAKE ONE! You'll see VERY soon whether you made a good one or not, but you have to start somewhere.
  • Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Sometimes I forget that I have people around me who are smart and have experienced a lot. Whether opposite or similar experiences, you can either learn new things or feel comforted knowing you're not alone. I've been quite a sponge these last few months, opening my mind to all the things I've avoided and never thought I had to deal with.
  • Change for the better of yourself. It's easy to feel guilt for something you do or don't do or ashamed for something you are or aren't, particularly in family and relationships. Listen to what people say as guidance, but true and good change will only occur when YOU want to change, not on someone else's will. Otherwise, it is bound to result in misguidance, confusion, and resentment. Just because you respect someone doesn't mean they are right ALL of the time.
  • Make quiet time for yourself. I have a habit of saying yes to extra work shifts are offered to me, all desperate volunteer requests, coffee dates with buddies even if they are all in the same week. However, I have never felt more accomplished, energized and calm right after I have had a FULL day or two off to do all the little tasks that have been piling up and ignored. Say yes to yourself first, then everyone else. You can't give your best self to anyone or anything if you don't have any of yourself left.

I hope some of these can relate to your life in some way!