Growth & Interaction

*No matter what level of success or accomplishment, we must always continue to learn and grow.*

It has always been important to me to have personal connections with my customers. While I've been at the Torpedo Factory, observing and interacting with those who come into my studio help me so much with popular trends, resources, and design ideas. Thank you to all of those who have graced me with your presence during my stay here!

It's been made clear to me more than ever that there are so many other directions for my jewelry business to grow in! It's tricky to find the balance between maintaining current inventory, selling it, marketing it, and evolving the actual product. Having a studio motivates me more to be organized enough to do all of these things. Whether it is price breakdown on products, new branding ideas, or expanding my clientele, I'm very excited to see what else I can learn and what more I'm capable of!