Silver Lining Collection from WiRealm by Tamara: Single Knot ring in Sterling Silver

Wire Candy Collection by WiRealm by Tamara: Avalanche in Brass & Gunmetal

Junk-ture Collection from WiRealm by Tamara: 'Fanta' Aluminum Can Bracelet

Silver Lining

This clean & classic collection of Sterling Silver is the foundation of WiRealm by Tamara. Select pieces are studded with pearls of hematite for accents, but in the 'Silver Lining' collection, the wire really speaks for itself.  

Wire Candy

Using permanently dyed copper wire, this collection allows for ornate pieces to be created with more personality and for a very reasonable price! 'Wire Candy' really gives that pop of color needed in any collection.


Aluminum cans, keys, buttons, or hardware - anything you find, let's make it wearable! Steel, rubber and found objects spearhead this collection to make sturdy, industrial pieces for any age or gender.

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